Phillip’s Quest and the Ragwort Chronicles

Phillip’s Quest is 7-book fantasy series for Middle Grade readers. Join hardy gnome Phillip Tuber and his friends as they journey throughout the many worlds of the wizard, Azur, to defeat the Red Witch on a quest to save his brother Phallow. Young readers who enjoy The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings will love Phillip’s Quest!

The Ragwort Chronicles is a 3-book fantasy picture book series for advanced Elementary School readers. Join with the gnome family, The Ragworts of Brokenfell, as they explore the village of Brokenfell and the adventures just outside its borders.

Phillip’s Quest, Book I: WinterfrostPhillip's Quest

Time is running out for the peaceful little village of Twistedoak, and for Phillip’s brother, Phallow. The Red Witch of Winterfrost Castle is on a rampage and Phillip must undertake a quest to this magic castle. Not traveling alone, the gnome’s best friend, Edward the squirrel, accompanies him on this very exciting and perilous journey. An unlikely third companion joins them at Azur’s castle and so a gnome, a squirrel and a dinosaur make their way through many lands on their way to the frozen land of Winterfrost.

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ats coverPhillip’s Quest, Book II: Above The Stars

This book is filled with exciting new adventures for the three friends after they arrive in a land of unbelievable beauty and unbearable cold! Follow them through the mountains of Llapismont in search of the Carnelian Sea! New perils and new evil-doers try to stop their journey, but the old bad-apples, are still there, too! A new minion is added to the Red Witch’s arsenal of nasty creatures, and he is not pretty! Poor Razorsnoot may be on his last legs, if the new guy has anything to say about it.

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 Phillip’s Quest, Book III: Across The Elusive Sea

I’m so thrilled to show off the cover art of the La Fortuna by my friend and amazing cousin, Lorraine Gonda. She is doing the illustrations for the third episode of Phillip’s Quest.  Elven pirates. mermaids, and a city under the Sea. Travel with Phillip to Tokken Island and meet the hideous Toll Keeper, or to Nevea — an island that floats above the waters. The most exciting leg of the adventure that Phillip, Edward, and Ava Dreamspinner have seen yet.

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rag1frontThe Ragwort Chronicles Book I: The Beginning

Meet Poppa Ragwort!  A Master Carpenter in the Village of Brokenfell, not far from Twistedoak. He loved to puff on his pipe while sitting in his favorite spot, the hand of an ancient warrior dwarf statue and carving toys for the children or observing the hustle and bustle of the village below. This is the first of three books about the Ragwort family of gnomes who befriended Phillip and Ivy Tuber, on their way to the Farmer’s Market in Phillip’s Quest, Book I:Winterfrost.

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roscoe coverThe Ragwort Chronicles Book II: Along The Way

 2016 Finalist in the Next Generation Book Awards for Children’s Picture Book, ages 6-10 and Overall Book Design and Layout

“There was a line of pines that bordered the stream, but were far back enough to provide cover for the watching eyes. This time, they were not the eyes of the friendly little tree imp. Three dark shadows were slinking behind the trees and following Roscoe. Although they were just shadows, they had luminous yellow eyes, like cat’s eyes, glowing in the dark.”

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