A Boomer’s Writer’s Lament

  It’s bad enough to be typing along an inadvertently delete,  instead of save a word, sentence, paragraph or, god forbid. a page, but when you cannot retrieve…oy!  Okay, okay, so if a lesser part of what you wrote gets lost, you can recreate. But, when you lose a page, or pages, recreation? Not so easy.  And then the unprintable words come out!  I’m sure, like me, most writers know many.  So, the search begins because we all KNOW that our machine has backed them up, NOT, because we didn’t tell it to, when we set  our wp program up!  Drat it!  But, certainly it’s in “the cloud.”  Huh? No, goofus, because you, in trying to retrieve it, have managed to delete the copy of the copy’s copy! So, you walk away.  Just walk away and it will magically reappear when you open up your computer, the next day; so will your fairy godmother!!!!  Did it ever occur to you – me, that you could have retyped that passage in the time it took you to search for it.  Well, yeah! But…  It will never be the same!  Right, it won’t, but when you start to retype the passage, you think of other, better things to add.  Ahhh! Cool, that sounds better.  I can do this. Now, if it’s more than, let’s say, 5 pages, and you’ve spent three days trying to find it, unsuccessfully, and now, because you are 50 something, you’ve forgotten what you wrote, just shut down the computer, pour yourself a glass of whine, oops! wine, moan a bit and don’t worry, you’ve probably forgotten you lost it, to begin with!