A Boomer’s Writer’s Lament

  It’s bad enough to be typing along an inadvertently delete,  instead of save a word, sentence, paragraph or, god forbid. a page, but when you cannot retrieve…oy!  Okay, okay, so if a lesser part of what you wrote gets lost, you can recreate. But, when you lose a page, or pages, recreation? Not so easy.  And then the unprintable words come out!  I’m sure, like me, most writers know many.  So, the search begins because we all KNOW that our machine has backed them up, NOT, because we didn’t tell it to, when we set  our wp program up!  Drat it!  But, certainly it’s in “the cloud.”  Huh? No, goofus, because you, in trying to retrieve it, have managed to delete the copy of the copy’s copy! So, you walk away.  Just walk away and it will magically reappear when you open up your computer, the next day; so will your fairy godmother!!!!  Did it ever occur to you – me, that you could have retyped that passage in the time it took you to search for it.  Well, yeah! But…  It will never be the same!  Right, it won’t, but when you start to retype the passage, you think of other, better things to add.  Ahhh! Cool, that sounds better.  I can do this. Now, if it’s more than, let’s say, 5 pages, and you’ve spent three days trying to find it, unsuccessfully, and now, because you are 50 something, you’ve forgotten what you wrote, just shut down the computer, pour yourself a glass of whine, oops! wine, moan a bit and don’t worry, you’ve probably forgotten you lost it, to begin with!


Sometimes Baby Boomers Bomb

When it come to new technology and social networking, Baby Boomers, I have found, generally bomb! Ka-boom! There’s an old saying that I learned when I was going to Al-Anon, for my ex-husband, many years ago, Keep It Simple, Stupid!  My advice for the day.

Why does everything you touch, when it comes to technology have to be so fracking confusing. For example, I was asked by a thirty-something publishing agent, “What is your social platform?”  Like in have I received any gold medals??? Well, uh, no.  Had no clue what he meant.  Just ask,” Are you connected with any social media sites?”  Oh, you mean like FB? Okay, I can answer that.  And then the “blog” word came up.  “Oh, yes,”she said (what the frack is a “blog”).  Thank goodness for the wonderful, ever patient, loving thirty-somethings at “Write by the Rails.” They set me up!  Solved.

Next, the switching, updating of OS.  Hey, I’m impressed that I, at 63 even know what that is! Please, I’m a good girl, I do everything they tell me to, so why, oh, why, doesn’t it work!!!  Helllllp me! And so, someone wrote a book…”Everything you Need to Know…”  and this 900+ page book explains everything that is not in a device manual.  SO why bother having a manual???  Just get the book!!!

God bless technology, (I wonder if He uses a Mac or a PC,) and the people who develop it.  Next stop, for me (help me, Nick) it’s Instagram!! And a gracious good evening to all.

You Just Never Know…

when things will happen.  In my Chicken Soup blog, I mentioned that I had family in Queens and Brooklyn.  My mom was raised in Brooklyn, during the days of prohibition.  She could tell some stories.  Big black cars going into a funeral home, when there was no funeral…but that’s for another time.  Her maiden name was “Peluso” and she came from a large Neapolitan family.  Most of her brothers and all of her sisters moved to Queens, to raise their families. ( Quick geography lesson.  Queens and Brooklyn are two of the five NYC boroughs on Long Island. Queens, being the largest.) My uncle Salvatore,(“Sal” for short), stayed in Brooklyn.  He and my Aunt Josephine had two girls, Loretta and Geraldine, both older than me. I didn’t get to see them very often, but I always remember how much I enjoyed being with them.  I was always especially fond of my cousin, Loretta.  Over the years, and my thousands of miles of vagabonding, (Ma used to call me “the gypsy”), we lost touch.  They, however stayed in Queens. I am happy to say that this morning, I received an email from Loretta! You just never know when someone you love comes back into your life. Loretta! Stay in touch! Love you!

On a Frozen Tundra…or Living With Wheels (Boomer Edition)

     I was 22 when I was diagnosed with MD and, at the time, no one knew what life would bring.  At the time, I had lost a baby and was told, “It’s probably just a well, you won’t live to be 30!” How wrong they were.  But, after many years of living with the dread of not being long for this world, I said “Screw it, it’s time to live on!” and live on, I did. I was shocked, for more than one reason, when I made it to 50!  Now, at 63, I have fully adapted to my physical situation and pretty much live on wheels.

  My very inventive husband, Gary, has made sure that my wheels are fully customized.  Yep, that thar Harley is mine!  For my birthday, the year after I got my scooter, he went to the Harley Davidson store, and bought accessories to fit the beast.  He will not, however let me have an air horn…or cattle prod, for moving large objects in front of me. (Even if I promise to be nice.  Hmmm.) Still, I can get through some crowds. But, like me, the old boy, my scooter, is getting old.  It doesn’t have the “oomph” it used to have and it doesn’t like the cold, the snow, and definitely not the ice!  Am trying to get Gary to devise a scooter sled. Anyone have any ideas?