The Ragwort Chronicles Book II: Along The Way

roscoe coverThe Ragwort Chronicles Book II: Along The Way

“There was a line of pines that bordered the stream, but were far back enough to provide cover for the watching eyes. This time, they were not the eyes of the friendly little tree imp. Three dark shadows were slinking behind the trees and following Roscoe. Although they were just shadows, they had luminous yellow eyes, like cat’s eyes, glowing in the dark.”

You can read the first chapter of The Ragwort Chronicles Book II: Along The Way right here on my website!

Chapter 1: Leaving Brokenfell

Roscoe was not going to look back at Brokenfell, or at the home where he grew up. He decided that he was done being made fun of. He would make his fortune in the Diamond Mine and come back one day to the little village, sporting a diamond as big as his fist.

“Let them all make fun of ‘ol Roscoe! They’ll see! Rawlink and Rilefor think they’re so smart! I’ll show them!”

He had left a note for Nonna, telling her that he had to leave, but as he climbed the knoll, towards the warrior dwarf’s hand that Poppa Ragwort sat on, he started to think.

“I’ll sure miss Nonna’s soup and my warm bed. I wonder if she’ll let me come back, one day.”

Once he got to the top of the hill, he paused. Roscoe turned around to look at Brokenfell and was able to see the friendly little town. He could also see his family home, Nonna had made so warm and inviting—a favorite in the village. A tear started to form in his eye, and he took his dark-brown, floppy hat off to wipe it away.

“Goodness, it’s hot up here. Why there’s sweat a comin’ from my brow. How does that ol’ man stand it up here?”

Then, he patted, the extended finger of the dwarf’s stone hand and walked away from Brokenfell.

On Amazon

On Amazon

To find out what awaits Roscoe on his adventures, pick up your copy of The Ragwort Chronicles Book II: Along The Way today!


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