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A native New Yorker, I now make my home, with my husband and two entertaining felines, in Manassas, Virginia. I have had a full life — living in foreign countries and traveling all over the globe. As a child, my mom always called me the gypsy — always ready for a new adventure. I guess that explains the vast diversity of my life and my great love of people –especially small people — children. After careers in the corporate and academic realm, degrees in literature, the language arts and education, and a bout with a broken back, I wrote and published my very first children’s book in 2013! Based on the amazing illustrations of Dean Kuhta and the stories he fabricated for his children, while playing amidst a garden gnome, Phillip came alive in Phillip’s Quest, Book 1: Winterfrost. My second book, a compliment to the Phillip’s Quest series,  The Ragwort Chronicles, The Beginning, was published the following year – and was re-released in May 2015. Of all my accomplishments, I am the proudest of my books!

An only child, I was born into a large Italian-American family. My mother, was an incredible cook, but a more incredible woman. Like her, I love to cook and watch people eat! Because of her influence, each book contains recipes from the characters, themseles! Even though I was diagnosed with FSHMuscular Dystrophy at age 22, a slowly degenerating disease, it gave me the opportunity to do a lot of living in a very short time. Now, I have time to do what I truly love. Write my books, and foster literacy.

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  2. I am a teacher at Beville Miller School. I talked to you about publishing my book. I need to get more imformation. Please email me. Your books are great!!!

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