Please Give “Above the Stars” a Good “Kick”

Wait to read in October, 2014

Available in November, 2014

I am getting ready for a Kickstarter Campaign to launch the newest in the Phillip’s Quest series, Book II:Above the Stars. As any of you who have ever published a book can attest to, unless you are published by a brick and mortar publisher, it can be very expensive. Nowdays, with the onset of self-publishing and the decline of publishing houses, bookstores and libraries, if you want to get your work out there, first you publish yourself and then you hope it’s picked up. And, after you’re published, it’s marketing, marketing, marketing, to sell your book. All of this is costly.
Some of the tangible costs incurred by an author are the copyright registration fee, the ISBN fee, the printing fee, the illustrators fee, the editor’s fee, the distribution fee, marketing fees–cost of signings, launchings, travel to book fairs–anywhere to get your book sold.

Above the Stars is definitely a labor of love. It is, as you can imagine, the continuing story of my dear Phillip,the gnome; Edward, the squirrel and Stinky, the dinosaur after they leave Azur’s castle, in search of Winterfrost. New adventures, new challenges,and new creatures befall these three friends as they learn the lessons bestowed upon them by the wizard, Azur and a new wizard named Chaspère. Each must face their strengths and their weaknesses as they travel the new lands that they encounter. From the cold tundra and mountains of Ice Cave Canyon to the warm sands of the Carnelian Sea, Phillip and his friends will learn to survive outside the peacefulness and security of Twistedoak or Azur’s stable. Stories will be told, battles will be fought. good and evil will collide. The Red Witch and her hoard of Goblins are never far behind.

Written influenced by the the genre of Tolkien, Lewis, Carroll and Baum, Above the Stars, The Phillip’s Quest series second installment has something for everyone, young and old. It is due to be on the shelves before Christmas, 2014 and this time I will be publishing and distributing it with the help of the wonderful people of Booklogix and The Artist’s Partner.  Booklogix are the folks who did such a wonderful job of producing Winterfrost.

Back to Kickstarter! On September 1, 2014, I will be starting a campaign, through Kickstarter, the crowd funding organization, to help defray the cost of the publication of “Above the Stars.” I will be offering different rewards for different pledges to include free books, a Tuber family dinner, jewelry from the Phillip’s Quest line, a piece of Dean Kuhta’s original art, prints and free signed copies of the books. My goal is to raise $3000.00 which will help publish this book. If you don’t know how Kickstarter works, it’s ALL or NOTHING! I raise the set goal of $3000.00, or I get nothing. It’s up to you to make this happen! I need your help. You can also help out by pre-ordering “Above the Stars,” right from the Kickstarter campaign.

If you are already signed up for my August “Winterfrost Gnome Gnews Letter”, you will receive a reminder of this event and a detailed preview of the rewards that will be offered. There will also be a page on this website for the pre-order of the signed, First Edition Copy. If you do not receive “Phillip’s Gnome Gnews” from Winterfrost, please sign up!   Thank you and may you always achieve anything you reach for, above the stars!


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