What do gnomes do?

Had a question from a young man today, not knowing too much about gnomes.

So, like what do they do? Just sit in the garden?

Well, “that’s part of it,” I said, “but they are Mother Nature’s caretakers.”
Gnomes are the earth’s very first “tree huggers.” I say that fondly. They live in forests, mostly at the base of and under trees. They care for creatures of the forests. Gnomes are instrumental in the repopulation of trees and other beneficial plants. They’re like the
forests goodwill ambassadors.

Of course, the next question had to be, “well like, are they real?” I looked at the child’s eyes and responded, “do you want them to be?” He whispered, “yes.” “Then,” I said, “in your heart, they are.” And off he went. Happily, I hope.


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