Happy Happy Happy!

It’s International Happiness Day and the first day of Spring and the first day that Northern Virginia has seen sun in a long time! But wait, there’s more!

I love science. How could you not? In this day and age we have found out more about life on earth than we could have ever believed. Look at the ancient astronomers. So many were put to death and believed to have been witches because they would not accept that the world was flat or the sun revolved around Earth! Now, we can explore galaxies and planets beyond our own!

There are archeological digs and devices so sophisticated that out scientists can discover things about ancient civilizations that were only guessed at. Sure, we learned about early man, the pyramids, the stages that the earth passed through to get to present day and about the dinosaurs. My personal favorite being the brontosaurus, for obvious reasons but what about the “Chicken from Hell!” Who’d a thunk there was the mother of all chickens called the Anzu wyliei! A stretched out chicken. Nasty bugger too! It is the largest oviraptorosaurian in North America, found in North and South Dakota! 11 feet long and 500 pounds, wouldn’t Col. Sanders love it? Probably not. The article I read said that they are a remote relative of the ostrich, which is scientifically a dinosaur and it tastes like beef!


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