A Most Interesting Word

I am always interested in unusual words. I used to play “Stump the Teacher” when I taught. It was one of the best ways for children to learn words. They took great delight in my not knowing something!

Jane's Journals

My brain is on vacation for a few days so I have nothing insightful or moderately interesting to write about today. I might find something interesting to say about Tango working diligently to lick every speck from the empty peanut butter jar, but yaaaaawn, too much effort. I could make a big tadooo about sitting here listening to cars go by, but I do not think most people would find that especially interesting. Still, I am enjoying having nothing to do but stretch out on Kerry’s sofa, surf, read, and drink coffee.

I did find an interesting word in my inbox this morning:

sciamachy sahy-AM-uh-kee, noun: an act or instance of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy.

Who knew that a fancy word existed for something most of us do everyday, by habit?


As I investigated the word sciamachy, I learned that is is also the name for fancy…

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