Sometimes Baby Boomers Bomb

When it come to new technology and social networking, Baby Boomers, I have found, generally bomb! Ka-boom! There’s an old saying that I learned when I was going to Al-Anon, for my ex-husband, many years ago, Keep It Simple, Stupid!  My advice for the day.

Why does everything you touch, when it comes to technology have to be so fracking confusing. For example, I was asked by a thirty-something publishing agent, “What is your social platform?”  Like in have I received any gold medals??? Well, uh, no.  Had no clue what he meant.  Just ask,” Are you connected with any social media sites?”  Oh, you mean like FB? Okay, I can answer that.  And then the “blog” word came up.  “Oh, yes,”she said (what the frack is a “blog”).  Thank goodness for the wonderful, ever patient, loving thirty-somethings at “Write by the Rails.” They set me up!  Solved.

Next, the switching, updating of OS.  Hey, I’m impressed that I, at 63 even know what that is! Please, I’m a good girl, I do everything they tell me to, so why, oh, why, doesn’t it work!!!  Helllllp me! And so, someone wrote a book…”Everything you Need to Know…”  and this 900+ page book explains everything that is not in a device manual.  SO why bother having a manual???  Just get the book!!!

God bless technology, (I wonder if He uses a Mac or a PC,) and the people who develop it.  Next stop, for me (help me, Nick) it’s Instagram!! And a gracious good evening to all.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Baby Boomers Bomb

  1. Katherine Gotthardt

    Can I just tell you how awesome you are? I know people my age (40-somethings) who won’t try anything new on the computer.


    • Thanks, Katherine. I love to learn. I hate my brain being idle. And, I love to meet gifted people because, I have found, they are the most willing to share!


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