But Wait!

My husband writes great emails to his sister and brothers. He is also famous for his “Gary-isms.” I thought this one was worth publishing!

Subject: Torpedo deicer ( de icer )

Ummm guys, hello, just the mentioning of using a torpedo space heater to deice a car called Dream Boat followed by a comment stating it was “fortunate that the paint didn’t melt off” can only end with these well known TV words: BUT WAIT -THERE’S MORE! But real trouble starts when you are too trusting. A person could read your e-mail, reinterpret its innocence then run amok. Not to worry Sis, I won’t Veer from the facts as I SEE THEM.

All the videos of the shows called Worlds Dumbest, Americas Funniest Videos, Famous Last Words, What Were They Thinking, Etc., all have the same paths= innocent looking lead in, a few clues of doom only the home viewer sees, passing thru stage where any HALF SANE person would see this obviously ain’t gonna work, onward to the universal last words of HEY WATCH THIS ! Then the oh no oh no x¥%#{>€^*¥£€!!!!!

Soooo, which show are you two and Dream Boat going to be on?

Its too late now but I’m curious as to which of these News At 11:00 lead ins should we have looked for: Paint endures heat but burning tires ruin car, melting ice puts out car fire, neighbors say “they are a bit strange, from up north ya know, cup is a mason jar, falls off driveway, Mr brilliant frequently mutters Jane lets go, brother in a barrel, rumor of family zoo,”

As I said. Facts as I see them.

Any thoughts of getting thoughts from other brothers? I bet the true/full meaning of running amok would be oh so evident.



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