On a Frozen Tundra…or Living With Wheels (Boomer Edition)

     I was 22 when I was diagnosed with MD and, at the time, no one knew what life would bring.  At the time, I had lost a baby and was told, “It’s probably just a well, you won’t live to be 30!” How wrong they were.  But, after many years of living with the dread of not being long for this world, I said “Screw it, it’s time to live on!” and live on, I did. I was shocked, for more than one reason, when I made it to 50!  Now, at 63, I have fully adapted to my physical situation and pretty much live on wheels.

  My very inventive husband, Gary, has made sure that my wheels are fully customized.  Yep, that thar Harley is mine!  For my birthday, the year after I got my scooter, he went to the Harley Davidson store, and bought accessories to fit the beast.  He will not, however let me have an air horn…or cattle prod, for moving large objects in front of me. (Even if I promise to be nice.  Hmmm.) Still, I can get through some crowds. But, like me, the old boy, my scooter, is getting old.  It doesn’t have the “oomph” it used to have and it doesn’t like the cold, the snow, and definitely not the ice!  Am trying to get Gary to devise a scooter sled. Anyone have any ideas?


2 thoughts on “On a Frozen Tundra…or Living With Wheels (Boomer Edition)

  1. We want pictures! Post a photo of your wheels, Belinda. Love your new blog.


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